Prices from £5.00 each +P&P


Yorkshire Born & Thread Ey Up Cover Thi Cake Oil! Re-useable Facemasks

*Prices start from £5.00 each plus postage** & packaging (**postage prices depend on the amount of masks ordered) *Prices vary slightly on different selections of fabrics (extra £1-£2) plus additional options. 

These masks are all made to order, so please give us time to process your order & produce. We have made our masks to fit well around the face area, currently using a standard adult size that seems to fit most and then a smaller childrens size. They have shaping to sit under the chin, nose shaping with two darts & a bendable wire piece across the nose for a closer fit. The masks have a continuous elastic loop (black or white) so you pull over your head first from the bottom loop, secure mask to fit face and around your nose and then pull the elastic from the top side to find the length needed which may not need any adjustment but if you need to tighten you can then tie a knot in the elastic at your desired point. (If you would prefer ear elastic fixing masks then please state this option, also only white elastic available for this) The masks are made from 2 layers of fabric, the outer side your chosen design.

One of our additional options for an extra £1.00 cost is adding a filter pocket to the inner layer against your face, to allow the user to fit extra filters in place if you feel you want further protection. (Filters not supplied) Both layers of fabric are backed with a non woven interfacing to help with protection anyway but these are not medical grade masks.

Each mask will come with a standard Yorkshire Born & Thread label on (standard label choices are pictured below so if you would like a specific label please state) unless you would like to personalise with a name, this would then be on our standard Cover thi Cake Oil label please also state names next to each design** selection if so.

Please note some fabrics cost more than others so there may be a slight difference in cost for each design (not too much don't worry we are from Yorkshire) and once certain fabrics have been used we may not be able to get the exact fabrics again but we will try to source what we can and give you some great options to choose from. As well as patterned designs, for those who need their LBM (little black mask) to go with their LBD we have stocks of plain black, white, cream, navy, royal blue and may be able to source other plains as requested.

**Please note that the position of the pattern in certain designs will vary on each mask and filter pockets may also be just the plain colour of the inner mask itself**

The fabrics have been pre-washed but you can wash before use. They are machine washable and should be washed after each use when you have worn outside in public areas. We would recommend not to tumble dry or at least not too much but a short spin on cool heat if needed won't harm them too much. Remember masks need to be handled and worn in a particular way in order to provide protection. So DON'T TOUCH THI FACE! 'N' WESH THI MUCKY HANDS!

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Fabric Designs Below :)

5 for £1.50


Making your own masks....? Want to add a label...?

We've now added to our HANDMADE WITH LOVE Yorkshire Labels for Masks

Sew in satin tab labels, Size 30mm x 50mm

White base with black print

-Handmade Just for You

-Cover thi Bloody Gob! wesh thi mucky hands

-Ey up cover thi cake oil, wesh thi mucky hands or wesh thi chuffin hands (depending on who you are giving them too lol)

-Ey up cover thi cake oil! na don't thee look bonny! wesh thi mucky hands or wesh thi chuffin hands (depending on who you are giving them too lol)

-Ey up cover thi cake oil! Thee looks a Bobby Dazzler nah! wesh thi mucky hands or wesh thi chuffin hands (depending on who you are giving them too lol)

Single labels £0.40 each

5 labels for £1.50

10 labels for £3.00

Plus p&p £1.50

Pick & Mix

Message us with your order request and email address for payment. If buying masks from us there's no extra cost for having one of these labels on your masks :)

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